Vinol Association

Association of winemakers and olive oil producers from Bertoki, Pobegi – Čežarji and Sveti Anton

On the hills that slowly rise from Bertoki through Pobegi – Čežarji to Sveti Anton and spread further towards Dvori on one side and Marezige on the other, the members of the Vinol Association produce the finest Refosco, Malvasia and Cipro wines, Istrian Belica and other local varieties of olive oils, as well as other Istrian delicacies. The enthusiasm of the members has made a significant contribution to the orderliness of the landscape, which is adorned with vineyards, olive groves and orchards.

Foto: Danej Brakić

The Vinol Association brings together the hard-working people who cultivate the land on the hilly ridge between Bertoki and Sveti Anton. An old wine merchant once told me that this part of Slovenian Istria used to be considered holy land among wine and olive oil producers. The members of our association validate this notion year after year with the quality of our products. Visit us and experience our hospitality for yourself.«

Damijan Jogan, the President of the Association

We offer


Typical wine varieties of Slovenian Istria and other international varieties

Olive oil

Olive oils of typical and international varieties

Domestic products

Cheese, cured meats, fruits, vegetables


Tastings in the comfort of our providers’ homes


Overnight on the hills of Slovenian Istria